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Julia Kam, PhD

Principal Investigator


Julia is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary. She obtained her PhD from the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Todd Handy, where she established the electrophysiological signatures of internal attention. She then completed her postdoctoral training with Robert Knight at the University of California, Berkeley, where she examined the neural structures and mechanisms supporting internal attention. When she’s not studying about wandering minds, she loves to let her mind wander in nature, in museums, in concert halls, and in the kitchen.

Email: julia.kam @

Chelsie Hart, MSc

Doctoral Student


My research interests span across different areas of psychology as I've worked on research involving environmental psychology, social perception and cognition, spatial cognition, and developmental psychology. My primary interests involve examining the effects of gender and sex on cognition and mental illness. When I'm not conducting research, I spend much of my time exercising, working on one of my many hobbies, or playing video games.

Email: chelsie.hart @

YeEun Park, BA

Master's Student



Email: yeeun.park @

Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, & Fellows

Image by Kyler Nixon

Our lab is currently recruiting graduate students for Fall 2022! 

Prospective graduate students should apply through the Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary by December 1st, 2021.


Check out the Join Us page for more information.

Lab Alumni

Jihye Choi

current position: Graduate Student, William and Mary University

Gahyun Kim

current position: Graduate Student, University of Toronto

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